Luftrum Sound Design Luftrum 11 For Diva

Luftrum Sound Design Luftrum 11 For Diva
Luftrum 11 is a sequel to Luftrum 9 – the first Diva set by Luftrum. 64 carefully crafted synth presets ranging from lush shimmering pads over classic CS-80 pads to arpeggios, subtle synth leads and emulations inspired by Vangelis, Boards of Canada, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Luftrum 11 is the sound of cinematic and ambient work

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Luftrum Sound Design Lufrum 13 For U-He Zebra2 Luftrum Sound Design Lufrum 13 For U-He Zebra2
128 Ambient Snacks For Zebra2

Luftrum 13 is a new soundbank for Zebra 2 containing 128 fresh and original patches from cinematic pads over dynamic arpeggios to bass sequences and modern synth leads – a perfect fit for all genres but in particular aimed at game and film soundtracks and any electronic music in need of sonic enhancement and original sounds. Luftrum 13 is carefully designed with attention to playability, peak levels, XY pads, velocity and aftertouch.
The Unfinished Zebra Borealis For U-HE ZEBRA2 The Unfinished Zebra Borealis For U-HE ZEBRA2
Zebra Borealis is a collection of 180 Patches for U-He Zebra2. The focus in Borealis is on synthetic sounds, designed for Modern Cinematic Scoring. Blending analogue and digital flavours, this soundset takes pure synthesis and gives it a kinetic, widescreen twist.

Borealis is bursting with smooth basses and basslines, luscious pads, deft keys, pulsing sequences and arpeggios, dark soundscapes, and crunchy percussion loops.

Taking a lead from artists from M83, Solar Fields and Cliff Martinez to Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder, and scores such as Mass Effect, Monsters, Deus Ex: Human Evolution, Tron: Legacy and Blade Runner; Borealis gives classic synth sounds an update and opens them up for the big screen.

If you’re looking for cutting edge synth sounds that meld punchy, drifting analogue colour with crisp, complex, digital hybrid sensibilities with a future-retro style, Borealis is your soundset.

Although designed predominantly for modern film, game and television scoring, the soundset is also extremely useful for other genres, including ambient, electronica and synthwave.

Each of the 180 patches has detailed and expansive modwheel and X/Y pad programming for easy and effective ‘on the fly’ control.

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• 180 Patches For U-He Zebra2
• 10 x Arps
• 16 x Basslines
• 20 x Basses
• 04 x Drums
• 08 x Keys
• 18 x Leads
• 16 x Loops
• 37 x Pads
• 22 x Scapes
• 29 x Sequences
• Requirements: U-He Zebra2.
Plughugger Twilight soundset for u-he Diva H2P incl. NKSF Plughugger Twilight soundset for u-he Diva H2P incl. NKSF
Convert by Myramalou
Turn down the lights, put on the headphones and enter a world of atmospheric sounds and soundscapes drenched in long reverbs.

Twilight for Diva is a is a soundset aimed for producers of ambient music, TV and movies. The soundset sets the focus on the duality of ambient music: Beauty and Darkness.

Twilight explores the cinematic and ambient side of u-he diva.

Cute mellow sounds are mixed with dark and scary soundscapes. It's a mixture of sounds worthy of The Future Sound of London and dark soundscapes of David Lynch, mixed with lush pads inspired by movies such as Blade Runner and synth sounds influenced by The Orb, Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

The soundset contains:

15 arpeggios
15 bass sounds
15 effect sounds
30 synth and leads
30 pads
45 textures and soundscapes


Name: Twilight.
Requirements: Diva.
Number of sounds: 150.
Format: Diva.
Style: Ambient, Chill-Out.

"This is the normal diva preset format and i convert this soundbank in nksf format to play it in maschine 2.4 or komplete Kontrol 1.5. You can convert the normal diva preset in nksf only with the latest update, but the last release is befor this update, therefore i do it for the people using diva and maschine or komplete kontrol." - Myramalou

Camel Audio Luftrum Ambient: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50 Camel Audio Luftrum Ambient: Alchemy Soundbank 1.50
Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds, from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space. With dense washes of warm, shimmering pads and soundscapes, gentle guitar and piano arpeggios, music boxes, delicate, and ethereal sound effects that totter between beauty and despair, this is a particularly inspiring collection for the ambient musician, film, TV or game soundtrack composer. Its darker elements include chilling machine sounds, disturbing alien atmospheres, the voices of haunted children, water droplets, plus a sprinkling of the avant-garde.

This library incorporates a 127 MB sample library full of fascinating details covering interior and exterior atmospheres, rural ambiences, creatures at rest, and synth soundscapes. Luftrum is a respected sound designer and electronic experimentalist, known for his Ambient ReFills and atmospheric field recordings.

This release is part of a community effort to collect all official v1.50 soundbanks for the discontinued plugin Alchemy by CamelAudio.

This bank has been modified to remove all user data and will work with any legit copy of Alchemy 1.55. This bank will also work with Alchemy Player Expanded 1.55, released separately. All presets contain full browser tagging features.

This is not compatible with older releases of Alchemy and is not related to the older keyfile based soundbanks.

Many thanks to everyone that has donated, the collection will be completed very soon.
Luftrum Sound Design Ambient 2 for Omnisphere 2 Luftrum Sound Design Ambient 2 for Omnisphere 2
Luftrum Ambient 2 is a handcrafted collection of 128 quality patches for Omnisphere 2 inspired by classic sci-fi movies as Blade Runner, Interstellar and Gravity and designed to compliment film scoring and electronic ambient productions.

Ethereal warm pads, carefully designed synth emulations, suspenseful arpeggios, beautiful strings, underscoring soundscapes, unique cinematic synth leads and dark intriguing bass sequences – inspired by the creativity in sounds from Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Steven Price, Royksopp, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream.

Product Details:

• 128 Patches for Omnisphere 2 (88 Single Patches and 40 Multis) 
• Volume controlled to peak at -2 to -4dB 
• 1-click installation since Omnisphere v2.1d
LUFTRUM 12 Soundset for TAL U-NO-LX LUFTRUM 12 Soundset for TAL U-NO-LX
Luftrum 12 contains 64 synth presets of ambient pads, funky basses, crispy synth leads and arpeggios inspired by the early 80’s electropop scene mixed with the sound of present time synth connoisseurs as Todd Terje, Röyksopp and Lindstrøm. Plenty of tasty flavors whether you are into ambient, technopop or 80’s rooted synth funk.

TAL U-NO-LX is an accurate emulation of the Juno 60 with zero delay feedback filters and carefully calibrated controls making it a true replacement for the hardware synth with all the advantages of a software plugin.

✓ 64 handcrafted synth presets
✓ Installation instruction included