Zero-G Ghost In The Machine ACID WAV CDDA-EtHnO

Zero-G Ghost In The Machine ACID WAV CDDA-EtHnO
Ghost in the Machine is the second title in the Altered States Series - the sequel to the stunningly fresh-sounding 'Unhinged'. This remarkable sequel delivers everything you expect and more from the innovative Zero-G production team: Dark and menacing mind-altering ambiences, heavenly pads, extraordinary arpeggiations.... This sampling resource is packed full of some of the most amazing textures and effects ever created. Lie back, shut your eyes and let the Ghost take control of the inspiration flow.

"The variety really is astonishing.. Everyone from neo-classical composers to dance producers should be able to find elements here that would benefit their sample library.. If you want a ghost in your machine, you can't get much scarier than this monster!"
- THE MIX magazine, UK

"This is one crazy bunch of stuff that is not for the faint of heart, nor the middle of the road.. Suited to those working in theatre or soundtrack work where you have a little more room to be adventurous"
- DIGITAL magazine, Australia

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Big Fish Audio Dre Ghost And The Machine CD1-4 FULL ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS Big Fish Audio Dre Ghost And The Machine CD1-4 FULL ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS
It's DJ Dre Ghost - the apparition on a mission, poltergeist of tha beat heist, spirit of tha south, undead of tha west. So you best - - git yo sh*t pumpin and beats funkin with the Ghost Machine! Thirty-six stoopifying construction kits appear before your very ears. Like a blunt blast to the lungs, Dre's gonna hit it hard with sick beats for y'all - - the hip hop planet. CD 3 has ghetto talkin' bass rompin, kool menthol scratches, and various dope sh*t. Git em!! 


Kits Contain

FX and more....

Extra Folders containing hundreds scratches and male vocal phrases
Bunker 8 Digital Labs Caddy Traps ACiD WAV-KRock Bunker 8 Digital Labs Caddy Traps ACiD WAV-KRock
'Caddy Traps' is a new Hip-Hop loop library produced by Bunker 8 Digital Labs. Influenced by a wide variety of sounds. These sounds are influenced by artists such as Noah 40, Drake, Waka Flocka, Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, 2 Chainz, Lil' Wayne, French Montana, and many others... All 17 Construction Kits have been carefully edited and sample edited so that each loop is completely seamless and will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development you happen to choose. Bunker 8 have been developing sample content for over 18 years; they have provided industry leading content to the best producers, soundtrack composers, video game audio specialists and composers in the industry.

Each Construction Kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops, the whole cross platform package. These construction kits are exploding in all directions with dance production ingredients. Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight. In addition, Bunker 8 included MIDI loops of all parts in each of the construction kits. These are set up as a complete MIDI file with the total arrangement setup, ready to be dropped into your sequencer at a moment's notice!

Bunker 8 uses proprietary sample looping technology so that each cycle of either format seams perfectly throughout your jams. That means you can stretch these loops really far with limited or no digital artifacts.
BEAT Magazine EDM Inferno BEAT Magazine EDM Inferno
The collection is called EDM Inferno and contains a compilation of previous packs they have released on the web and on their magazine’s cover DVD. There are offered 15 main collections, obtaining a total 267 kits:

Geist Beat Box Rocker
Geist Drums Galore
Geist EDM Asylum
Geist Electribe
Geist Enigmatic Percussion
Geist Hybrid Drums
Geist Its Drums
Geist Minimal Drums
Geist Percussion Elements
Peripherique Drums:
Geist Bitpop Assembly
Geist Foundation
Geist Percussion Deluxe
Geist Synthetic Drums
Geist Synthetic Glitches
Geist Turntable Drummer

Maybe the best part is that Geist, a well-known sampling drum machine for beats and grooves is included. Well, is rebranded as GeistLite Beat and has some limited features, but it is quite useful and fully functional.
BT Twisted Textures AiFF BT Twisted Textures AiFF
From the ethereal to the esoteric, the cinematic to the sublime, the otherworld to the underworld - 371 soundscapes, pads and textures from BT in his seminal Twisted Textures library. 

Garnering an instant Sound on Sound 5-star award, Brian Transeau - BT - delivers the sterling follow up to Breaks from the Nu Skool, taking a sideways step into the world of superlative sound design with a release that appeals across the board - to everyone from soundtrack composers to dance producers seeking sonic textures bristling with detail, movement and originality.

Boasting stereo soundscapes between 2 seconds to 45 in length in AIFF format, Twisted Textures features samples from dark, twisted shadow-pads to detail-infused air-scapes; from water-drenched textures to drifting sonic states. 

No moods - or keys - are left untouched, with major moods through minor to the distinctly discordant. 

Cut, paste, rinse and re-cycle: a classic for the modern age.