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PlugInGuru MegaMagic Dreams for Serum PlugInGuru MegaMagic Dreams for Serum
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:47
This is the "Made for Serum” version of MegaMagic: Dreams. This is a more cost effective and easier to load library just for Serum! The samples are embedded INTO the patches so you only have 1 folder to place and now you have 102 Amazing 100% SAMPLE-Based patches that will give Serum a completely different personality! Take a beautiful single note – now feed that note into a dizzying array of effects (including huge 10+ second reverbs) and bounce that sound down to a single sample. Now, map that single sample across the entire keyboard and you have a totally new instrument that, while it doesn’t sound exactly like the instrument the recording came from, becomes something MAGICAL!


This library started as a happy accident which has lead to other happy accidents (with MegaMagic; Pads and Bells / Winds). I have always loved lush reverb on sounds and was working to see if I could figure a way to get sounds that had that lushness – without the huge reverb wash that turns everything to mush if you play a few too many notes.

Take a beautiful single note – now feed that note into a dizzying array of effects including huge 10+ second reverbs – and bounce that sound down to a single sample. Now, map that single sample across the entire keyboard and you have a totally new instrument that, while it doesn’t sound like the original instrument, becomes something MAGICAL and unique. These are new instruments unto themselves. That, my friends, was the concept behind this library and I’m thrilled with how it has turned out!
MixVibes Cross DJ 3.4.3 MAC OSX MixVibes Cross DJ 3.4.3 MAC OSX
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 16:47
Cross is a digital vinyl and MIDI DJ software for Windows and MAC platforms. MixVibes drew from its experience in audio engine and vinyl control design to deliver a new pro-DJ product that brings more efficiency and simplicity to the mix.

Cross delivers the best of MixVibes' know how in DJ software in a solid and back to basics package! This software will satisfy the expectations of professional DJs who need a powerful and reliable DJ tool.

Get access to all these professional DJ features:

-Perfect mix including the 100% optimal BPM analysis and synchronization technology
-Automix playlist
-High quality effects: Flanger, Reverb, Low-Pass with ultra-knob control
-2 colored DJ decks plus a preview player
-Intuitive Mac Laptop / Desktop keyboard shortcuts
-6 precise Cue-points to set and store up
-Smart music and playlist management with artwork browsing
-Instant mix recording in low, mid, high quality format
-more than 35 pre-mapped class industry DJ controllers such as Pioneer, Numark, Hercules, Vestax, etc.
-Advanced MIDI Learn
-AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC audio file support
-Compatible with any external audio interface (USB, Firewire, etc.) for high resolution sound quality.

Version 3.4.3:

New controller mapping: Pioneer DDJ RX and DDJ RZ.
Fixed crash when closing the application.
Plughugger Electro Analog All-Stars Soundset for Omnisphere Plughugger Electro Analog All-Stars Soundset for Omnisphere
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:47

The circle in now complete. Analog All-Stars is the third and last soundset in our Electro series and sets the focus on modern dance sounds using only waveforms from old vintage synthesisers such as Minimoogs, Oberheims, Roland Juno, Jupiter 8 and Moog Modulars, but also more modern VA synths such as the Roland JP8000 and Access Virus.

The last installment in our electro series, sets the focus on vintage analog synthesizers.

The sounds have been sorted into four main categories: arpeggios, bass sounds, leads/plucks and pads.


Name: Electro Analog All-Stars.
Requirements: Omnisphere.
Number of sounds: 150.
Format: Omnisphere format.
Style: EDM, House, Pop.

O! Samples Sunset Deep and Vocals Vol.5 WAV MiDi O! Samples Sunset Deep and Vocals Vol.5 WAV MiDi
Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds / Midi Yesterday, 16:47
'Sunset Deep Vol 5' is a sample pack that contains amazing melodic Construction Kits with vocal cuts for creating House, Deep House and Tropical House. The Kits are available in WAV and MIDI formats. With this pack you have a simple way to create your own hit.

You can be sure that this sample pack will simplify the process of creating your own soon-to-be-hit, and in an optimal way. Each Kit is provided with the BPM.

The product includes all the parts that you can hear in the demo, both in WAV and MIDI formats.

You will get four Construction Kits with vocal cuts.

Product Includes:

• 4 Construction Kits
• 23 MIDI Files
• Vocal Cut Loops (Dry & Wet)
• Plucks
• Synths
• Leads
• Basses
• Kicks
• FX
• Drum Loops (Claps, Hats & Full Loops)


• 128 Files
• WAV Format
• Size: 600 MB (Unzipped)
• All MIDI Parts Included
• 100% Royalty-Free
Plughugger The Underground Soundset for Omnisphere 2 Plughugger The Underground Soundset for Omnisphere 2
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:47
One of the most interesting aspects of the dance scene back in the 90s was the creative use of samplers, especially in the underground scene. When hardware samplers started to become affordable, a new generation of producers armed with mainly samplers took the british dance scene to a whole new level by ruthlessly sampling everything that came in their way. Sample the records. Sample the radio. Sample the synths. Sample the samplers. And sample them hard with effects.

This soundset is a flirt with underground dance music from the 90s.

The Underground is a soundset that started off with the idea to make a whole collection of sounds, entirely based on the drum and percussion waveforms from the Roland TR808 drum machine. And as with the producers back in the 90s - process the waveforms hard and turn them into basses, pads, arpeggios, effects and atmospheres.

26 Arpeggios + Sequences
38 Drum sounds (including 11 TR808 sounds)
44 Effects (hits, drops and risers
17 Vocal patches
21 Bass sounds
13 Synth sounds
12 Textures
10 Multi patches


Name: The Underground
Requirements: Omnisphere 2.
Number of sounds: 171 single patches + 10 multi patches.
Format: Omnisphere 2 format.
Style: 90s Techno/House.

Sam Spacey Epica Bass 2017 New Year Presets Pack Sam Spacey Epica Bass 2017 New Year Presets Pack
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:46
This is a free update to existing users. You will have been sent the additional update as a separate download. New customers will have this expansion included in the latest Epica Bass version.

Epica Bass 2017 Expansion Presets v.1.3 (Jan 2017):


16th Seq Me Mod.nkm
Dark Lord.nkm
Dark Xmas.nkm
In the Night.nkm
Koto Chimes 2.nkm
Koto Chimes.nkm
March of the Violet.nkm
Richy Rich.nkm
Soft Side.nkm
Spacey 1980 01.nkm

PlugInGuru TOXIC Zebra Patches and Wavetables for u-he Zebra2 PlugInGuru TOXIC Zebra Patches and Wavetables for u-he Zebra2
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:46
TOXIC Zebra is the first set of patches we have created for’s amazing Zebra2 synthesizer. This synthesizer has an architecture that is totally different than any other synth. Integrating Subtractive 4-OSC synthesis with 4 operator FM synthesis, a DSP Comb "Pluk” synthesizer and even more with a semi-modular interface. This was a huge accomplishment especially since everything sounds so good coming from it.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES: Agressive and powerful sounds for today’s cutting-edge EDM genres – but there are soft spots here and there which add extra value to this awesome library.

About the Programmer: This library was created in an equal partnership between Seth Norman and John Lehmkuhl.

Library Specifics: I want to be clear that while yes – this is totally a TOXIC library with some really amazing aggressive EDM synth sounds – that is not all this library is. It’s far more than that with 135 patches – many that will work for film projects, commercials, pop music and other genres beyond the distorted and TOXIC genres. On top of the fact that there is a variety of patches, the patches themselves have been programmed to use the 4 XY Real-time panels to change EACH patch radically. So while there is 1 bright unison Sawtooth pad, using the X/Y pad you can make many different variations as it is changing through the wavetable shapes to produce different pad sounds. You will also find the modulation wheel programmed to do extensive changes to the sounds. All of this flexibility means that you can easily change the sounds depending on YOUR musical productions. So many libraries provide no way of changing the patch so you only get 1 sound. These patches are programmed to be the opposite – as flexible and dynamic as possible!

On top of the patches, we created over 30 brand spanking new custom wavetables for you to work with! These are really spectacular to get a lot of the modern sounds out of this synth. We used these oscillators extensively in the patches which gives the library a unique sound.

Controller Notes:

Performance X/Y Pads: We spent a LOT of time programming all 4 X/Y pads for EVERY PATCH – something very few if any libraries for Zebra2 attempt to do (it’s a big job). We also standardised them and worked hard to make them as flexible as possible. The end result is that all of these patches are SO MUCH more flexible and can be radically changed as a result of this work.

Modulation Wheel – all bets are off but make it EPIC whenever possible! The wheel can change synth parameters AND effects for truly exciting results in many cases. Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!
Plughugger Dark Techno Soundset for U-he Diva Plughugger Dark Techno Soundset for U-he Diva
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 16:46
Dark Techno is a sound expansion with 150 new sounds for the U-he Diva and is a toolbox for underground techno and minimal and genres requiring less cuteness and more industrialism.

Diva is well known for its faithful analog tone, but with Dark Techno we set out to make sounds as far away from analog beauty we possibly could get. The keywords for the design were Dark. Murky. Noisy. Threatening.

dark. noisy. quirky.
no analog beauty.

To move out from the comfortable zone of traditional analogue tones we had to dive deeper into features often overlooked in Diva, such as cross modulation, resonators, ring modulation, tunable noise, FM and of course the new digital oscillator, which is a real powerhouse for creating sounds that go outside the boundaries normally associated with Diva.

The result is a collection sounds aimed for producers who want to inject a dose of darkness into their film and music productions.

Bassgorilla Sound Design In Logic With Riley Nance TUTORiAL Bassgorilla Sound Design In Logic With Riley Nance TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons Yesterday, 16:46
Sound Design In Logic Pro X with Riley Nance

Enjoy and be prepared to have your mind blown as one of Bass Techno finest producers walks you through the entire process of creating an upbeat bass techno banger from start to finish. Discover his insider secrets for sound design, mixing, mastering and arrangement in this whopping 3-hour 10-video course

After watching this course you will know how to:

Make an authentic, upbeat, bass techno track from start to finish
Make your own bass techno style sounds 
Know insider secrets for creating bass techo with the right swing and layering methods
Learn how to create various effects chains to create more authentic sounds
See each section of the track get written, arranged and built up layer by layer.
See the track get mixed and mastered after all of the edits and transitions have been finalized.

ToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R ToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2R
Soft / VST Instruments Yesterday, 16:46
Improve the quality of your headphones, simulate a wide variety of brands and models, or customize your own headphone sound with TB Morphit.


Every headphone has its own, characteristic sound. Did you ever consider how the specific sonic attributes of your cans change your mixing results? Do you ever wonder how your mix would sound on different headphones?

Virtually every existing headphone introduces unwanted changes to the audio. TB Morphit helps to reduce these unwanted artifacts by improving the response of supported headphones. Moreover, it can simulate the sound of any of the other supported headphones. Hear how your mix translates from one set to another. Monitor how your mix will sound for your audience. This is especially important since several market studies have indicated that the majority of audio content is actually consumed over headphones. For this purpose, Morphit does not only include studio headphones, but also includes stock ear buds.
For faint-hearted headphone enthusiasts, TB Morphit also includes free-field and diffuse-field equalization modes and customizable target functions.

TB Morphit is an excellent companion to TB Isone, our environment simulation plugin for headphones. The cascade of headphone equalization (Morphit) and room acoustic simulation (Isone) together provides an unprecedented accuracy for simulation of loudspeaker reproduction on headphones.
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