FP-Oner aka Fred P - 7 [MULEMUSIQCD59]

Deep House / Techno / Minimal / House 14-09-2017
FP-Oner aka Fred P - 7 [MULEMUSIQCD59]

Artist: FP-Oner aka Fred P
Title: 7
Genre: Deep House, Deep Techno, House, Minimal, Leftfield House & Techno
Label: Mule Musiq
Quality: 320 kbps

fp-oner aka fred p – Arigatou (Original Mix) 06:12 130bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Beyond Understanding (Original Mix) 06:59 120bpm Fmaj
fp-oner aka fred p – Chapter 7 (Original Mix) 00:24 0bpm D♯maj
fp-oner aka fred p – Cosmic Waters (Original Mix) 06:49 125bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Follow The Sound (Original Mix) 05:28 125bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Light Years Feat Minako (Original Mix) 10:57 130bpm Cmin
fp-oner aka fred p – Like Yesterday (Original Mix) 09:21 125bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Living Waters (Original Mix) 08:56 122bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Simple Things (Original Mix) 06:09 126bpm Dmin
fp-oner aka fred p – Smiles And Cries (Original Mix) 07:05 127bpm Amin
fp-oner aka fred p – Traveling Zones (Original Mix) 07:12 127bpm Amaj

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Title: 770MJ
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Nahste Oner - 770mj (Original Mix)
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Fred Everything - Another Soul
Fred Everything - Derby-Outro
Fred Everything - Derby
Fred Everything - Good Morning
Fred Everything - Huggin 'n' Kissin
Fred Everything - Introduction
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Music / House 23-11-2016

Artist: Fred P
Title: Sound Destination
Genre: House
Label: Soul People Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Fred P – Countryside Train Ride
Fred P – Leaving You Behind
Fred P – Where To Now
Fred P – Dark Halls
Fred P – Longing For You
Fred P – Watch Over
Fred P – Shibuya 4am
Fred P – Something Beatless Pass
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FP-Oner – 6 [MUSIQ055CD] FP-Oner – 6 [MUSIQ055CD]

Artist: FP-Oner 
Title: 6 
Genre: Electronic / Deep House / Tech House
Label: Mule Musiq
Quality: 320 kbps

FP-Oner – Awakening Co Creator 
FP-Oner – Kundalini Rising 
FP-Oner – Declacified 
FP-Oner – New Life Form 
FP-Oner – Learning Process 
FP-Oner – Adjusted Perception 
FP-Oner – Gather Strenght 
FP-Oner – Alternate Reality 
FP-Oner – Reap Love 
FP-Oner – Things To Come 
FP-Oner – Vision In Osaka
Fred P. - Modern Architect [EOS001] Fred P. - Modern Architect [EOS001]
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Artist: Fred P.
Title: Modern Architect
Genre: Deep House / Techno
Label: Energy Of Sound
Quality: 320 kbps

Fred P. - Tokyo To Chiba 
Fred P. - Sybian 
Fred P. - Dub In The Sky 
Fred P. - Don’t Be Afraid (feat. Minako) 
Fred P. - Memory P 
Fred P. - Down Under 
FP-Oner - 5 FP-Oner - 5
Music / House 3-07-2015
Artist: FP-Oner
Title: 5
Genre: House
Label: Mule Musiq 
Quality: 320 kbps

FP-Oner – In The Mist Of Sunrise 
FP-Oner – Manifestions Taking Place 
FP-Oner – The Art Of Regeneration 
FP-Oner – The Law Of Correspondance 
FP-Oner – The Relm Of Possibilty 
FP-Oner – The Otherness Dub 
FP-Oner – Platinum Soul 
FP-Oner – Visions Of You
FP-Oner – Infinite Love 
FP-Oner – Cycles Of Life 
FP-Oner – Sleepless In Shibuya